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Background Information INNIU is a purveyor of classic, luxurious and understated Italian leather-goods, footwear and accessories to the modern-day woman. It is incepted in the year 2000 as a partnership between Italian High-end Fashion Footwear Design Group and Kwokhang Holdings Ltd., a luxury brand distributor responsible for introducing luxury brands such as Fendi, Burberry and Valentine Bijoux to the Far East since 1978. The quintessential INNIU woman is confident, well-travelled and enjoys the finer things in life. She values quality and timelessness in her fashion choices, yet enjoys indulging in the latest trends as long as they’re tasteful. Hers is a modern, classical beauty that transcends time, and is the inspiration for those around her.

Brand Philosophy INNIU’s beautiful creations are likened to accoutrement that adds an air of mystery, glamour and seduction to the wearer, similar to the elaborate masks European ladies would wear to social gatherings in the Baroque period. Recognizing this comparison and drawing inspiration from its Italian legacy, the brand’s logo is adorned with a Venetian carnival mask that highlights the brand’s concept of timeless luxuries that should be savored every day.

The craftsmanship of every INNIU product can be traced back to its Italian roots. Behind INNIU is a team of Italian artisans who have the advantage of situating in the epicenter of high fashion. Combining their most sensitive fashion intuition and meticulous craftsmanship, each year INNIU’s artisans would unveil a collection of elegant and stylish footwear, handbags and accessories that combines form and function whilst incorporating the luxurious quality synonymous with the Italian craftsmanship. As a result, INNIU products have long been popular favorites to even the most discerning fashionistas.

Flagship Products INNIU’s flagship leather goods include the elegant and versatile I-Bow Footwear Collection featuring the “INNIU Bow” to the bold geometrics of the Corso Handbag Collection. Every season, both collections incorporate seasonal elements to stay current with fashion trends.

INNIU’s Fur Collection features luxurious materials including the prestigious BLACKGAMA® mink, professionally treated to maintain the fur’s volume and color, combining with impeccable tailoring techniques brings slimming winter coats that are graceful and elegant, just like the INNIU woman.

Furthermore, since 2013 INNIU has been using the world’s best python and lizard skins to create the limited-edition VERO handbags, a true testament to the brand’s essence of combining the finest luxurious materials with legendary Italian craftsmanship.