SS19 Bags Collection
Bags of Asethetic
Handbags are girls best friends, carrying their gossips as well as their secrets, exploring lives as their partners. INNIU has teamed up with Italian handbag designer Lara Bellini this season, to launch the fashionably artsy ‘LAR’ collection. Full of Art Deco’s geometric lines, this collection offers two color combinations, black, white and beige; another one is burgundy, beige and cherry red. The former is chic, while the latter is opulent. With a removable strap, it can be worn over-the-shoulder or carried by hand. Made of supple cowhide, functionality and beauty coexist in this collection.
‘Small’ is the IT thing, small handbags make an impression of delicacy. Another collaborative work with Lara Bellini is a plain color over-the-shoulder handbag. The strap can be adjusted or removed, which allows flexibility when ladies would like different styles. The ruffles are the designer’s personal touch. Though small, the compartments always come in handy.
INNIU has been pursuing top quality from the outset, the design team meticulously created a handbag with hollow out details that is inspired by Art Deco. The design of hollow out demands high level of craftsmanship, this two-way handbag surely satisfies even the most tasteful ladies.