World of INNIU


An intriguing legacy

INNIU was established in the year 2000 in Florence, Italy. The founder was determined and dedicated to creating luxury products that would add a touch of allure to accentuate the femininity of the woman it serves.

All INNIU leather products are made in Italy, housed in the shoe regions of Tuscany and Venezia where leather crafting is a storied, generations-old tradition. These Italian factories have also worked for many luxury brands over the world. Skillfully crafted with the expertise of the finest Italian traditions, leather artisanal pieces are handcrafted and quality controlled under the strictest standards to ensure excellence in quality.

Inniu also houses high-end scarf accessories that are produced in Como, Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality standard with sophisticated design. All our scarf fabrics are made by Italian textile companies, including silk, cashmere and fur in their different grades of fineness, bringing a collection that combines lightness and elegance.