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Terms and Conditions


INNIU International Limited(hereinafter, "INNIU") provides information and products onwww.inniu.it (hereinafter, this "Website") according to the followingterms and conditions. In browsing this Website or its webpages, you agree tothe following terms and conditions. INNIU reserves the right, in accordancewith its actual consideration, to modify these terms and conditions as well asthe products, services, prices and procedures mentioned in this Website at anytime without notification. If you are not satisfied with these webpages orthese terms and conditions in whole or in part, you may stop browsing thisWebsite. asfasdf

Intellectual Property Rights

Any and all trademarks, trade names,texts, images, service marks, audio and/or video materials available on this Website are owned by INNIU or other parties. All the basic elements of this Website, including (but not limited to) general design and contents,are protected by the trade law, copyright law, moral rights, registered trademark law and other laws applicable to intellectual property rights. You may access and view these materials for your personal use only. Without explicit written authorization or consent of INNIU, you shall not modify, copy,store in any retrieval system, backup or otherwise use these materials for any commercial or public purposes. Should you violate the aforesaid laws and regulations, or use this Website or its contents without authorization, you will be subject to compensation for any loss suffered by INNIU therefrom.

In respect of any information and software (including without limitation to anyimage, photo, flash, video, audio, music, text, additional program and attachedsupporting data) used by INNIU for providing services on thisWebsite, any and all the rights therein shall belong to INNIU or thecopyright owner of such software. Without authorization, you shall not reverseengineer, reverse decrypt or reverse compile such software.

In uploading any contents to the publicly available section in this Website,you grant INNIU a world wide, loyalty free, perpetual, irrevocable,nonexclusive license (including a full right of sublicense) to use, reproduce,modify, adapt, publish, translate, develop derivative works from, communicate,perform and demonstrate such contents (in whole or in part), and/or incorporatethe same to any other current or further form of works, media or technologies.

Data Protection

INNIU will deal with your voluntarily registered personal data in a fair and lawful manner. The data will be electronically and automatically processed. INNIU will use your personal data in market research to improve this Website and product categories and will report its market activities to you. The storage and processing of the data will be carried out by INNIU and other INNIU Group members in several countries and regions which mainly include branches based in China Mainland and Hong Kong SAR, etc.

In registering any data with INNIU, you agree that INNIU may,without your prior request, contact you directly via phone call or electronic message and send you product information or other information of INNIU or other INNIU Group members. In registering with INNIU, you also expressly agree to the aforesaid use of your personal data. If you do not agree, you may not register, however, you may still use the portion in this Website that does not require registration. You may contact INNIU's client support at any time to delete and deregister relevant data.

Submitted Information

Save for the credit card number forpurchasing products and services, INNIU hopes not to receive any confidentialor proprietary information through this Website. 

INNIU is not obligated to examine or monitor the sections where users in this Website transmit or post messages, including the bulletin boards, chat rooms and user forums. INNIU shall not be liable for the accuracy of any information, data, opinion, suggestion and statement posted or transmitted on such bulletin boards, chat rooms and user forums.

You are prohibited from posting or transmitting any materials that aredefamatory, obscene, libelous, pornographic or otherwise violating laws.However, in case of such violation, INNIU shall not be liable for anycontents involved in such communication.

Linking to Other Websites

INNIU or any other INNIU Groupmembers will not be liable for settings or contents in any other websiteslinking to this Website. Users shall bear risks of browsing other websites andare subject to any terms and conditions applicable to relevant browse. Inrespect of any websites to which this Website provides hyperlinks, INNIU andany other INNIUGroup members shall not be deemed as giving any consent,recommendation, approval, guarantee or introduction for any third parties orthe services/products provided in their websites, or be deemed as having anyform of cooperation with such third parties or websites. Unless otherwise notedand agreed by INNIU, INNIU shall by no means be a party to anycontractual arrangement between you and any external website supplier.


INNIU reserves the right tomodify or cancel the access to its webpages.

In browsing and/using any information or materials obtained from, provided byor acquired through these webpages, you agree that INNIU will not beliable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from or inconnection with use of such information and/or materials, whether suchinformation and/or materials are obtained from or provided by these webpages orobtained by viewing other internet resources through links in thisWebsite. 

The product images in this Website are for reference only. Please take realobjects in stores as standard.

If you register as INNIU's user, please keep your account and passwordproperly. INNIU will not be liable for any illegal use of youraccount or password due to hackers' action or your own negligence in keepingthe same. 

The above exclusions and limitations are applicable to the extent permitted bylaws.

Other Applicable Provisions

You agree that all matters inconnection with your visit or use of this Website shall be governed by the lawsof Hong Kong SAR, PRC. You agree that the court of Hong Kong SAR at the placewhere INNIU's headquarter is located shall have exclusive jurisdictionover the said matters and shall be taken as the venue for trial.

INNIU does not express that the information in this Website is or may beapplicable to all countries/regions, and prohibits any visit from sites withillegal contents. All users are visiting this Website based on their ownmotivation and shall be responsible to comply with all applicable laws.

Certain webpages in this Website may be subject to additional provisions asindicated thereon.