FW19 Shoes Collection
In Praise of Winter · Shoes
Winter gives fashion a different charm. Color combinations including creamy-white, milk-tea, burgundy and dark green, write a unique story of fashion hymns for the FW2019 Collection. INNIU bonds with modern women by following their hearts and listening to their demands for beauty and fashion. INNIU shoes are tailor made for women that have an ambition to enrich lives with curiosity and a desire to be outstanding.
Women from fabulous cities have varying independent personalities and fashion needs. In this season’s ‘LitUrban’ collection, it is more than just fashion, the new collection offers more possibilities for cosmopolitan women who are sharper, smarter and sassier than ever. The wild and tough natural grains paired with metal hardware adds a sense of strength to urban women in the Fall and Winter. The leather denim boots series features seasonal cowboy boots with a pointed high heel, a leather upper with sheepskin trim to add a hint of softness to the coolness, along with white, contrasting lines to represent “cool-girl style”. The patchwork series stitches the front and the back of the leather to create different textured effects. It combines conflict and softness, and is absolutely the first choice for urban, chic women.
An atelier bathed in the scent of turpentine, a cup of coffee, a soft sofa, a warm shawl, and a pair of comfortable shoes. The classic and unrelenting houndstooth and delicate suede add warmth and intellectual elements to the FW19 shoes collection. The soft fabric and textured leather are fused together with its unique stitching technique. In this stylish collection, neutral shoes are decorated with luxurious velvet and rhinestones. The understated imported velvet fabric with rough rubber gear soles provides luxury whilst maintaining optimal comfort.
The double-ring I-shaped button series is designed with a deeper-footed shoe to give a warmer vibe. This subtle and elegant design is the best choice for commuting or dating. The patchwork series is presented in two styles. The 60mm three-dimensional tapered triangle heel is unique, stable and creative. The new houndstooth pattern with delicate sheepskin is full of intellectual temperament. The other style is textured with the fusion of kid suede, rough leather and stone pat-terns. With the decoration of metal ornaments strewn on the shoes, its unruliness is also found in its placidity, showcasing a mature style.
Glitter and silk are basic materials that are frequently used for high-end occasions. Complement-ed with shining rhinestones, textures make these bows come to life. Take off your formal attire and put on your lavish clothes, your shoes will shine even brighter in winter nights. The mesh se-ries is made of enamel polka-dot mesh with silk soles to present the combination of sensuality and texture, showcasing the ultimate feminine charm. The simple, playful silk bows add a youth-ful charm. The new design of the rhinestone collection is elegant and sexy with its gorgeous lines and delicate textures. The bow collection is meant to showcase a lively and stylish three-dimensional design to rid itself of monotony while highlighting its inimitability in the winter.