World of INNIU



This luxurious Italian brand has much to offer but the iconic I-bow footwear col-lection signifies the brand at its best. Unmistakably INNIU, the letter "I" represents INNIU while quintessentially Italian, the "bow" symbolizes elegance and femininity. I-bow, as all INNIU shoes, come with sophisticated insole stitching details that provide the fullest support and comfort. That's why i-bow shoes are famed for its graceful design and exceptional comfort.

Corso bag

This classy handbag is a perfect combination of aesthetics, quality and function. Our artisans will only choose calf leather with the highest quality for its softness and durability, ensuring each piece is at its best perfection. Keeping only the top layer of the leather makes the handbag lighter in weight and also more delicated in detail. Combing master craftsmanship with design, Corso has been an all-time favorite to every Inniu woman.

Viola bag

Viola is a twist to the Corso collection with its handy, mid-size boxy design. Each bag is expertly handcrafted to look and feel soft and supple, structured yet lightweight. With a detachable strap, Viola gives a two-way mix'n match that go with every woman's day & night wardrobe. A variety of materials are used including python, elaphe, karung, on top of the highest quality calf leather to create modern elegance. Each Viola is handcrafted by our artisans and makes a unique piece of its own !