SS19 Shoes Collection
Form of Elegance・Shoes
INNIU’s footwear has always been functional and dashing. Made of the finest Italian leather and adorned with exquisite details, every high heel brings confidence to the wearer without sacrificing comfort. The fashionable flat shoes go well with anything, whilst the thick-heeled office series is lined with supple lambskin, making them even more comfortable to walk in.
INNIU offers what women truly desires, this season’s ‘feather’ collection has been created thoughtfully. The nappa leather shoes are decorated with feather and pearl. Pointed shoes with chunky heels has been embellished by plumy flickering stones, subtle yet sumptuous。While the Eva slippers collection comes with three colors, black feather, peacock green feather and yellow feather, made of light and durable rubber, appealing and cozy to wear, all made in Italy.
The widely praised ‘I Heel’ is one of the brand’s classics. The golden ‘I’-shaped shoes are embossed with INNIU’s logo that are as refined as sculptures, making it one of the INNIU’s icons. There are suede or cowhide to choose from, the flowing silhouette can be paired with everything from dress pants, jeans to one-piece, oozing stylishness and allure.
Under the vibe of spring and summer, the ‘Floral’ collection draws out the female gentleness. Made of premium leather, with PVC transparent design to spruce up the summer ambience, whether it is pointy floral flats, open toe floral heels or pointy floral heels, the contrast of materials is playful, and the floral patterns add a touch of nature.
Pastel embodies all the girls’ inquisitiveness; it is the color of hope and anticipation. ‘Pastel’ collection will continue to be enticing and carefully designed, combining the shape of flowers, matt metallic heel and suede upper; these contrasted elements imply that modern women can be both masculine and feminine. Pink and lime being the main color, mix and match is accomplished effortlessly.
Ladies need a pair of shimmering sandals for summer. The sensational ‘Pearl’ collection covers the upper and heel with scallion-like gleaming adornment, some glittering pearl and crystal can also be found on the upper. The pointy flat sandals are furbished with pearl and also Italian lace, either wear it with jeans or long dress, the translucency conveys sexiness. V-shape shoe with kitten heels comes with extra-large pearls, which is simply elegant, the sling back makes it even more comfortable.
Crystal sandals are known for its shiny stones, the upper’s embossed leather is trimmed with glimmering stones. They go exceptionally well with jeans or skirts, perfect for casual chic outfit.
Sports elegance is the trend now. And it will continue to prevail this year, that is why there will be thick-soled athletic shoes. To make it visually striking, it is made of metallic leather with cowhide or suede.